Why We Founded NiHTEK®

With CEO & Co-Founder Drew Campbell. Why we founded NiHTEK®?

It’s been many years of behind-the-scenes work: late hours and sleepless nights. Though we still have a long way to go. I am SUPER proud to officially launch our new company NiHTEK®, standing for Nature’s Innovative Health Technologies. Super excited to launch our first branded ingredient NiHPROTM is “Next-Generation Dairy-Free Protein.” Time to literally “SHAKE UP THE WORLD” as we redefine what protein is and should be. At NiHTEK®, we focus on being a TRUE Sustainable Company.

Sustainable health focused on quality protein ready to replace existing whey protein sources and be part of the “next-generation” protein. At NiHTEK®, we believe in high-quality protein ingredients and products that deliver what we call the NiHTEK® pyramid or trifecta of building a truly sustainable company: 1) Sustainable Daily Consumption. It tastes amazing, so people want to drink it daily and even prefer it over dairy protein sources. Sustainable daily consumption! 2) Sustainable High-Quality Nutrition for Human Health. As good, if not superior to that of dairy-based protein. 3) Sustainable Price A more competitive price to that of dairy-based and other traditional protein sources.

These are the key three fundamentals of NiHTEK®, yet we are also a 100% sustainable company that is equally good for the environment. A genuinely sustainable company and the world’s first health-driven philosophy! NiHTEK® creates the world’s most cutting-edge protein and wellness alternatives that are superior in nutrition and taste and indistinguishable to consumers from dairy-based protein.

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Why We Founded NiHTEK®

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