Embracing Change with NIHTEK's Visionary Protein Alternatives

Celebrating the visionaries and change-makers, inspired by Steve Jobs’ iconic words. We at NIHTEK, part of GPNI, are stepping into a new era of health and nutrition.

We’re not just creating alternative proteins and dairy; we’re crafting a harmonious future where health, humanity, and our planet unite.

Our mission might seem ‘crazy’, but it’s the bold ideas that transform the world. Here’s to the innovators who dare to dream big!

Drew Campbell

CEO & Co-Founder

Drew John Campbell is a serial & passionate entrepreneur in the nutrition and wellness space for the past 2.5 decades.

Global Experience & Ventures

Drew begun his career in the fitness and sports nutrition industry in the year 2000.

Originally from Melbourne Australia and Drew has founded multiple successful ventures in the nutrition world and lived in multiple countries for the past 24 years.

Working with top researchers of nutrition and experts daily, Drew is also the Co-Founder of one of the world’s most influential education and certification companies in Sports Nutrition globally. The Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi), which was founded in 2018, official partners of the ISSN and is growing successfully to this day.

Passion To Make the World Better

Throughout Drew’s career he has been motivated always to make a positive difference in the world.

Each business venture Drew is driven daily to make a positive impact to people’s lives with nutrition, healthy living and creating a world in a better place as it is today.

Drew’s prime goal in founding NiHTEK® was to make bring both the sustainable world and dairy world together, without division, and create an entire new category PROTEIN FOR EVERYONE.

The NiHTEK® Vision

Led by NiHTEK®’s passion for innovative product quality and science, NiHTEK® strives to create the world’s unmatched quality, tasty and sustainable protein-branded ingredient products. NiHTEK® has achieved tremendous innovative milestones in human history with the development of the world’s first protein equal to or better than dairy protein and milk in protein content and taste but is dairy-free, lactose-free, GMO-free and sustainable.

**Official 3rd party research in leading global universities & organizations to confirm. All will be completed by Q2 2024 prior to any official sales activities.

Critical Innovation for

NiHTEK® may not be building rocket ships to colonize Mars, the endeavors are equally crucial to humanity regarding superior quality food supply, which is also sustainable for our planet.

Protein is more critical for human survival than other macronutrients such as carbohydrates and fats. Protein is also currently the most destructive to the planet earth regarding sustainability. Protein and creating superior quality forms of protein that is nutritious, delicious, and sustainable for the planet is, therefore, essential to the survival of humanity, if not more so than colonizing Mars.

Innovative Industry Disruptors

Like Tesla, Uber, SpaceX, and other iconic Unicorns of the past disrupting within their industry; NiHTEK® intends to do the same within both the alternative protein and dairy industry.

Prior, there were always two camps, dairy and non-dairy; NiHTEK® will be the very first to have the ability to sell to both camps. In time, NiHTEK® will be the biggest disruptor in the protein and alternative milk space in history.

Many industry veterans have deemed NiHTEK® to be the most significant innovation in protein and non-dairy solutions for the past 60 years.

Protein For Everyone
“There has been too much division worldwide, especially in the past 3-4 years, and not enough togetherness. For humanity to move forward, we need to unite and have less division. We must find common ground and shared values of what matters to us all.

After all, we have two things in common that genuinely matter:

1) We are all human beings and live on planet earth.
2) To be happy, we also need to be healthy.

No matter nationality, skin color, race, politics, gender, or religion, quality protein, food and nutrition matter to everyone and our planet! At NiHTEK® and our range of sustainable protein ingredients and products, we bring a new protein category to the world: PROTEIN FOR EVERYONE!

With NiHTEK®‘s innovative new branded ingredients, you can now “Help protect the planet without sacrificing nutrition, health & taste”!


Drew Campbell

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