Where Nature Meets Science

NiHTEK® is at the forefront of food technology, innovation, and cutting-edge nutritional science in delivering superior dairy-free protein solutions.
The protein science at NiHTEK® is based on a 500-year-old natural and chemical-free fermentation based plant-protein extraction, combined with the NiHTEK® proprietary manufacturing process  called “Molecular Protein Infusion,” AKA MPi™.
The MPi™ exclusive protein technology allows NiHTEK®-branded ingredients and products to be superior in taste, solubility, bioavailability, colour, smell, and amino acid profile. This method can replicate naturally and enhance all traditional dairy foods, powders and drinks.

Backed By Science, Forged by Nature

NiHTEK® branded products and ingredients will be holding a series of 3rd part research trials, all completed by Q2 2024. This will be ongoing research always developing new improvements and discoveries. These will be endorsed, backed, and verified by the top-level universities and 3rd party researchers worldwide.

3rd party research trials comparing to other proteins of it being superior, healthier, and better for the environment is a core value at NiHTEK®.

Creating a superior innovative product “Backed by Science and Forged by Nature is the NiHTEK® Vision”!

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