Backed By Science & Forged By Nature

The science at NiHTEK® is based on a 500-year-old natural and chemical-free fermentation plant-protein extraction, combined with the NiHTEK® proprietary manufacturing process called “Molecular Protein Infusion,” or MPi™ for short.

NiHTEK® branded ingredients go through multiple 3rd party research in trusted universities and organizations worldwide to ensure quality, efficacy, and safety. NiHTEK® products and ingredients are backed by science and through natural processing forged by nature!

The NiHTEK® TriCore Sustainable Promise

NiHTEK® innovates and creates superior branded ingredients equal to or better than traditional dairy, unlike commodity-based plant-proteins, but are: Nutritious, Taste Great, Stable Price

To be considered a sustainable company, a company needs to have a stable, quality, and sustainable product line that consumers love.

NiHTEK® works exclusively with sustainable protein and raw material sources that are dairy, lactose-free, and cruelty-free.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate 85%

Introducing NiHTEK® first branded ingredient, NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate 85% (NPi-85) branded ingredient.  NiHPRO™ Protein contains zero soy protein or soy derivatives such as soy lecithin or containments of soy; but is 100% plant based.   

NiHPRO™ Protein is:

100% plant-based, 100% dairy-free, 100% lactose-free, 100% soy free, GMO free, Sustainable, Stable pricing compared to that of dairy based whey proteins

Tastes & Mixes Like Whey Protein Powder

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate 85% (NPi-85%), an innovative and cutting-edge branded ingredient, is the first superior protein targeted toward traditional dairy and plant-protein consumers.

NiHPRO™ Protein is a non-flavored, non-sweetened branded ingredient that leading nutrition brands and manufacturers use as their base protein. It is a legitimate replacer for dairy-based protein powders.

NiHPRO™ Protein powder, when formulated into a finished end-consumer protein powder using sweeteners, flavors, and other additives (like Whey Protein Isolate formulations), is considered identical in taste, texture and mouthfeel to almost all end-consumer dairy-based protein isolates.

Next Generation of Dairy-Free Protein

To be truly sustainable, products nutritional quality, taste, and price matters. The NiHTEK® “TriCore Promise “of sustainability ensures all products meet these 3 fundamental core promises.

Leading the World in High Quality Next Generation of Dairy-Free Protein

100% Sustainable & Plant Based
100% Dairy Free & Lactose Free
Complete Protein Source
Dairy – Like Creamy Texture

An Truly Sustainable Company

NiHPRO™ Isolate Protein Comparison

Soy Protein Isolate Whey Protein Isolate NiHPRO™ Isolate
Protein Base
Plant-based protein
Animal-based protein
Plant-based protein
Protein L-Leucine Amino Acid Content
Protein Source
Low quality
High quality
High quality & sustainable
1.25 (3rd party validation out April)
Stock feed for cattle uses GMO
Hormone Interferences
Show in some studies to increase estrogen and decrease testosterone in men.
Lactose Content
Contains lactose
Sensory & Flavor Raw Ingredient
Strong vegetable taste with bitter aftertaste
Strong creamy taste
Creamy neutral milky taste
Texture & Viscosity
Thick and sandy
Smooth and watery consistency with slight creamy feel
Smooth and watery consistency with slight creamy feel like milk with no sandy grittiness like all alternative proteins.


NiHPRO™ Isolate is 100% natural and chemical-free, using 100% plant-based protein. NiHPRO™ Isolate
is leading the world in the Next-Generation Dairy-Free Protein.

Are You 100% Dairy-Free?

Yes, NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is 100% dairy-free.  The raw ingredients are all 100% plant-based, and the manufacturing facility only works with plant-based protein, giving no chance of contamination of dairy or animal-based protein.

Does NiHPRO™ Contain Soy?

NiHPRO™ Protein contains zero soy protein or soy derivatives such as soy lecithin or containments of soy. The manufacturing facility only works with non-soy plant-based protein, giving no chance of contamination of soy deratives or components.

Is It GMO-Free?

NiHPRO™ Protein is 100% non-GMO derived certificated non-GMO through SGS 3rd party research institute.

Where Can I Buy?

NiHPRO™ Protein is a branded ingredient supplied as a material for leading premium protein brands worldwide.  You will find NiHPRO™ Protein being formulated and used by global sports nutrition and wellness brands looking to replace dairy-based whey protein with a high-quality alternative to dairy or vegan brands looking for a superior, flavorsome, and nutrition quality over their commodity-based other plant-protein sources.

If you are a brand owner or manufacture, get into Contact to learn more about working with NiHTEK® branded ingredients.

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