The NiHTEK® TriCore Sustainable Promise

Too many companies in the “sustainable protein space” focus purely on the hype and offer little value in building a long-term vision company in the products they bring to market.

Creating products and ingredients people want to use daily because they love them and are genuinely healthy for them makes for a company with a long-term and sustainable vision.

When the products are made from sustainable sources, they are also environmentally sustainable.

A company cannot be sustainable when the products are unhealthy, taste bad, have wildly fluctuating prices, or are overpriced.

To be a truly sustainable company, a company needs to provide better protein alternatives to be sustainable for humanity and the environment at the same time.

A sustainable company and product must:

Taste Great

With minimal additives and zero artificial or hazardous ingredients

Be Healthy

Be healthy or healthier regarding protein, amino acid content, and bioavailability.

Stable Pricing

Premium quality at a fair and stable price.


The NiHTEK® “TriCore” Promise is building sustainable protein solutions that are equally sustainable for humanity’s health and the environment.

**Official 3rd-party research in leading global universities and organizations to confirm nutrition will be completed by Q2 2024 before any official sales activities.

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