Based on a 500-year-old natural and chemical-free fermentation based plant-protein extraction, combined with the NiHTEK® multi-patented manufacturing process called “Molecular Protein Infusion,” AKA MPi™.

100% Lactose-free


125% DIAAS Score



High-quality amino and protein content




100% Lactose-Free


125% DIAAS Score



High-Quality Amino and Protein Content




100% Plant-Based

100% Sweetener & Flavoring Free


High Bioavailability


**Official 3rd party research in leading global universities & organizations to confirm. All will be completed by Q2 2024 prior to any official sales activities.


A New Protein Category

Protein For Everyone

Taste Is Key

If you test our raw branded ingredient sample next to basic (non-flavored) whey protein isolate or natural plant protein, ours wins every time on a taste test.

We will officially hold a 3rd party sensory study in the UK in early 2024 to prove this independently on what we like to call “The Protein Pepsi Challenge.”

Protein Quality Matters

With an 85%+ purity, 10% higher DIAAS score than traditional dairy protein, 30% higher than all plant proteins, a complete protein source together the highest recorded bioavailability amongst all commodity plant proteins.

NiHTEK®’s all new branded ingredient protein has created an entirely new category of protein and quality.

Backed By Science, Created By Nature

NiHTEK® manufacturing process for all its products and ingredients uses natural ingredients.

Working with the most recognized universities, PhD’s, and 3rd party researchers NiHTEK® will be conducting ongoing research to ensure all products are verified by science for accuracy, safety and superiority.

**Official 3rd Party Research in Leading Global Universities & Organizations to Confirm All Will Be Completed by Q2 2024 Prior To Any Official Sales Activities.


NiHTEK® Innovations

Branded Ingredient

Creating the world’s superior branded ingredient protein powder for superior brands and manufactures.
The “Intel-Inside” for the premium protein brands of the world.

500-Year-Old Natural Fermentation
Process Technology

Based on a 500-year-old natural and chemical-free fermentation plant-protein extraction process.

Molecular Protein Infusion (MPi™)

Combined with the NiHTEK® proprietary manufacturing process with the “Molecular Protein Infusion,” or MPi™ for short.

All New Category of Protein

The Delivering the Best All-Natural Protein of Both Worlds; PROTEIN FOR EVERYONE

All New Category of Protein

The Delivering the Best All-Natural Protein of Both Worlds; PROTEIN FOR EVERYONE

The Protein Challenge

The Protein Industry Disruptor

For decades, if you are truly looking for the best protein source nutritionally and taste speaking, then dairy based whey protein has been proven to be better than all alternative and plant-based proteins.

NiHTEK® brand new innovative protein branded ingredient and beverage line will be proving in early 2024 to be the first protein to be equal or better than traditional dairy based whey protein.

Whey Protein Isolate

NiHTEK® Branded Protein Isolate

A New Protein Category


Premium quality branded and tasty protein ingredient for premium manufacturers and brands.

Premium New Protein

Available Through Premium Protein Powder Brands as Branded Ingredient 2024. Available In Major Convenience Stores & Beverage Distributors of the World in 2025.

Premium Protein Brands & Manufacturers

The “Intel-Inside” For Protein

First branded ingredient protein eligible to sell to both the dairy protein, and the plant-based protein world.


Consumers from both camps finally have a delightful choice: a high-quality, smooth protein alternative that tastes just as good as dairy.

Dairy Brand Solutions:

Vegan Line Solutions:

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