Team of Experts

NiHTEK® Global Dream
Team of Innovators, PhD Experts in Nutrition & Science

Drew Campbell

CEO & Founder

A serial entrepreneur with the vision to constantly innovate new products and businesses that positively impact the world and humanity. Twenty-five years of experience in the sports nutrition industry in product development, brand creation, and international sales, together with a deep global network. Co-Founder of the Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi®), the world’s leading sports nutrition, education, and certifications.

Frederik Van Moer

Chief Operating Officer

Nearly 30 years senior level exerience in protein manufacturing space in leading global companies of the world such as Alfa Laval. Helping lead the team in quality manufacturing and supply chain management globally.

Bin Kuai

Director of Manufacturing

1.5 decades of experience in manufacturing and sales of plant protein. Australian Chinese with a native level fluency in both languages. Global network in supply chain, manufacturing and sales.

Dr. Johan Thuvander, PhD

Chief Research Officer

Leading PhD In chemical Engineer, Process Engineering.
A Doctor in Chemical Engineering with 7 years of research experience of processes development within the food, plant proteins, biorefinery.

Dr. Seiji Aoyagi

Chief Science Officer

Leading PhD, most famous and respected PhD in sports nutrition research and science in Japan.
Chief Science Officer (CSO) for DNS, Japanese largest Sports Nutrition manufacture and brand.
Will help lead University studies in Japan and the leading spokesman to the Japanese market for NiHTEK®.

Rich White

Director of International Sales

35 years experience, knowledge and contacts in the international sports nutrition distribution space. Ran the worlds largest international sports nutrition company for 20+ years Sportika.

A Global Presence

With the modern way of an open market and healthy globalization, NiHTEK® has offices and staff based globally ensuring to have the best service, quality, manufacturing, and innovation.

A truly global company with a superior new protein category as the goal for the world!

Japan Lab
Tokyo, Japan

Designed In Japan. The NiHTEK® innovative and creative work with uncompromising eye for detail in quality, taste, and refinement in creating the world’s unmatched protein is done so in the NiHTEK® office and lab facilities in Japan.

Sourcing & Logistics
Shanghai, China

NiHTEK®’s international team and wholly owned foreign entity in China ensures sourcing of the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing components.

Join The Protein Revolution

If you are passionate person looking to make a positive difference in the world and bringing people together, then NiHTEK® is looking for you.

Join the protein revolution and be part of making the world a better place today. Contact our HR desk for more details of jobs and roles in one of our multiple offices globally.

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