Revolutionizing Protein: NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate

In the ever-evolving world of nutrition, NiHPRO™ stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in alternative protein technology. Using state-of-the-art natural processing techniques, NiHPRO™ offers a non-dairy protein that mirrors dairy-based proteins’ taste, protein purity, and amino acid content.

Cutting-Edge Processing with NiHTEK® Technology

NiHPRO™ leverages the exclusive, multi-patented NiHTEK® Molecular Protein Infusion (MPi™) technology. This groundbreaking process significantly enhances proteins by eliminating unfavorable tastes, odors, and textures. The result is a protein that is not only silky, smooth, and creamy but also highly soluble—closely resembling whey protein in consistency. Importantly, MPi™ technology ensures that NiHPRO™ remains 100% natural, GMO-free, chemical-free, and additive-free.

Though sophisticated and patented, the MPi™ technology is not a novel food ingredient or “gras.” It uses naturally sourced proteins already on the market together with conventional non-chemical processing treatments NiHPRO™ to purify the proteins without denaturing or changing them.

Superior Quality and Bioavailability

NiHPRO™ Protein is renowned for its balanced and complete amino acid profile, making it a top choice for those seeking allergen-free, cruelty-free, and lactose-free protein options. The taste and mouthfeel of NiHPRO™ are remarkably similar to traditional whey protein products, including powders, beverages, and snacks. NiHPRO™ Protein has a 100% PDCAAS score and, later this year, will have third-party research published on the digestibility (bioavailability) and DIAAS score as well.

Versatile and Sustainable Protein Source

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is designed for versatility and is suitable for various applications such as protein powders, beverages, bars, high-protein snacks, and puffs. This protein isolate can be seamlessly integrated into any product that traditionally uses whey protein, offering a near-identical taste and amino acid profile while being 100% lactose-free and allergen-free. Furthermore, NiHPRO™ is derived from sustainable sources, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Two Distinct Versions for Global Reach

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is available in two versions to cater to different markets.
⦁ NPi-85 The international version, available in regions outside the United States, protein is mainly derived from non-GMO pea and rice proteins.
⦁ NPi-85M The USA version sources its non-GMO proteins mostly from rice, mung beans, and peas.

Both versions undergo rigorous purification to ensure the highest quality. They are free from the typical non-dairy protein taste and texture issues. These formulas maintain the same protein content, taste, and mouthfeel as whey protein and nearly identical amino acid balance.

A Remarkable Protein Experience

When formulated and flavored to match whey protein powders (e.g., chocolate, strawberry), NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate delivers a sensory experience so close to dairy-based products that most consumers can’t distinguish the difference, often leading to the phrase and hashtag on social media: #NoWayItsNotWhey.

NiHPRO™ is not just a protein; it’s a revolution in the protein world, offering the best of both worlds—superior taste and texture akin to dairy proteins, combined with the benefits of being 100% lactose and allergen-free but also sustainable over dairy.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate. You can learn more by contacting us if you are a manufacturer or brand. NiHPRO™ is available in bulk purchases as a leading protein branded ingredient for brands looking for a high premium alternative to whey protein and offering a stable price. NiHPRO™ is priced very similar to that of Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC); however, offering the same or better nutrition and taste as that of Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) but without the allergens, lactose also provides a sustainable option.

For more info or sample requests from brands and manufacturers around the world.
Email: [email protected]

**Disclaimer: Potential Allergen Cross-Contact Notice**

Although NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is derived from rice, pea, and mung proteins, formulated without soy and wheat and produced in a facility that does not handle soy or wheat, the shipping vessel may have been previously used to transport soy or wheat. At NiHTEK® rigorous cleaning protocols; however, trace amounts of soy or wheat may be present due to cross-contact during shipping. If you have soy or wheat allergies, please consider this. NiHTEK®, backed by nature and forged by science, will also be conducting a series of 3rd party research and tests to ensure safety and allergen information is as accurate and allergen as possible.

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