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There is a big difference between intelligence and wisdom. Intelligence can be learned in a book, but wisdom comes only from experience.  

Using your “gut” to understand things and relying on intuition vs. what you may find “googling” online is vital when innovating and creating something brand-new.

Steve Jobs certainly didn’t rely on intelligence alone when innovating the iPhone and the many other marvels that Apple created. Intelligence is essential, but it alone cannot create something new and unique. You need something much greater, and intuition is key.

Following one’s gut is critical, almost always forged with experience and time in the trenches!

The core of NiHTEK’s innovation and creativity is the collective history of its president and co-founders, who have three decades of experience in sports nutrition, as well as the entire team with many decades more.

True innovation and creative new ideas come from the collective consciousness of our passionate team, which pools its many decades of experience, knowledge, and wisdom. We believe in the power of community, so we’ve created NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate.

NiHPRO Protein

The vision for NiHTEK’s first branded ingredient, NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate, was to create a high quality, premium protein that was as good as dairy-based whey protein in all areas such as taste, mix, and amino acid profile BUT was 100% whey and dairy-free!  

A new protein fit for everyone, or as we say, PROTEIN FOR EVERYONE.  NiHPRO™ Protein has a well-balanced amino acid profile, is high in leucine content like whey protein, and tastes very similar to whey protein when formulated into a finished product. However, it is 100% allergen, lactose, and GMO-free.  

The vision of NiHTEK’s President & Co-Founder Drew Campbell in multiple past, present, and future businesses is to make the world a better place. Having a sole purpose, an intent beyond just making money alone, forges a mission and passion that cannot be stopped and creates genuine authenticity in the developed products.

The motivation in creating NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate was not just creating a protein with similar sensory profiles to that of whey protein with taste, texture, mouthfeel, and amino acid profile – but making the world’s first PROTEIN FOR EVERYONE.

There is too much division in the world today. At our core, at NiHTEK, we focus on unity and togetherness vs. extreme left (vegan) and extreme right (dairy and meat) and on providing quality, nutritious, and tasty protein that is fit for all consumers’ tastes, protein needs, and allergy concerns.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is the world’s first dairy-free whey protein 100% lactose, allergen, and GMO-free. The new NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is the latest dairy-free whey protein branded ingredient and is a perfect alternative for protein and wellness brands looking for a new protein source.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is also competitively priced with Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), which is similar in pricing to Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) but more similar in nutrition and protein purity to WPI.

NiHPRO™ is only available for bulk purchases to brands and manufacturers.  If you are a brand or manufacturer, please reach out to us for a sample and send an email to [email protected] – check out the website to learn more: 

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