NiHPRO™ Protein Purification Technology — Molecular Protein Infusion (MPi™)

The key to evaluating NiHPRO™ is understanding the story behind the innovation and the Molecular Protein Infusion (MPi™) protein purification and manufacturing technology.  The research and advancements in protein purification technology exclusive to NiHTEK® make NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate a rival to whey protein isolate (WPI) possible.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is the world’s first non-dairy “whey” with equal attributes in taste and protein content to whey protein isolate.  It is also a performance-built protein with equal levels of L-Leucine per serving, like whey. Unlike whey protein, however, NiHPRO™ is 100% allergen, lactose, sugar, and GMO-free.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is proudly forged by nature but backed by science.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate: Molecular Protein Infusion (MPi™) Advanced Protein Purification Technology by NiHTEK®:

  • Increases Protein Purity
  • Creates a Product with Neutral Flavour & Odour
  • Improves Texture & Mouthfeel
  • Decreases Viscosity, Making the Product Light & Smooth
  • Increases Solubility & Stability
  • Increases Digestability & DIAAS Score
  • Infuses All Raw Proteins Into One Protein Particle
  • All Within Wet Blend Re-Engineered Manufacturing Process

The MPi™ purification technology uses conventional manufacturing methods in a precise and optimal sequence to reach a high purity and protein performance level. The multi-patented method uses no chemicals, is gentle to the protein, and ensures zero protein denaturing, making it a non-novel food.

MPi™ Protein Purification Setting New Standards for Protein

Over four years of research have been conducted on this technology, not including many decades of the global collective team of experts, innovators, and Ph.D. experience.  There is no alternative protein on the market today that is innovative or versatile that can:

  • Taste: When flavored into a formulation finished product, it tastes identical to whey protein isolate (WPI) to most consumers.
  • Protein: It has similar protein and amino acid properties
  • Allergen: The only protein equal in nutrition and taste to whey – but is allergen-free.
  • Price: Is more stable in price than whey.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate has been significantly purified, removing the original alternative protein sources’ unfavorable tastes, smells, and textures. The isolation, purification, and filtration details in the alternative protein world have never come close to the NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate MPi™ processing and purification technology.

The MPi™ patented protein processing & purification technology is natural and chemical-free. It uses conventional gentle processing methods to ensure that the proteins and amino acids are in their original form with no denaturing occurring.

MPi™ technology processing, though remarkable, does not make NiHPRO™ a novel food ingredient or “grass” in US terminology.  The purification processes work with conventional, non-chemical, manufacturing protein technology to purify the proteins and improve the sensory and solubility profiles.   The MPi™ technology runs a “wet blend” manufacturing and purification process multiple times to ensure maximum purity, digestibility, and sensory protein profiles.

What To Expect with NiHPRO™ Protein

High Purity NiHPRO™:

Improves the purity of the protein with a guarantee of always being at or above 85% on a dry matter basis; however, in most batches, it usually falls between 87% and 88.2%.

Non-GMO Raw Proteins:

For the US version (NPi85M), we use raw base rice, mung bean, rice protein, and four key EAAs (less than 5%). For the International (all countries outside of the US) NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate (NPi85), we use only pea rice and three EAAs.

3rdCategory of Protein:

With the purification and MPi™ processing technology, the protein no longer resembles the original plant-based protein sources in texture, taste, solubility, and digestibility. It is very neutral and tasteless, with very low viscosity and zero sandiness—making it easily flavored into a protein with any flavor and taste identical to that of a flavored finished Whey Protein Isolate (WPI).  

High Purity & Minimal Fillers in Flavored Versions:

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is not identical to WPI in its raw form; however, it is so neutral in taste, smell, and texture viscosity and is highly soluble, making it the only alternative protein that can be formulated to taste like WPI into a finished and flavored product. Unlike other alternative proteins, NiHPRO™ requires minimal flavoring agents and fillers, ensuring the highest protein purity delivered to consumers. The finished product protein purity, when formulated with NiHPRO™ protein, is often similar to that in a WPI protein – between 72 – 80% purity, depending on the flavored recipe.

A New Age of Protein

Some people may need to remember what whey protein was before the 1990s. It didn’t solubilize, you needed an electric blender to mix it, it tasted terrible, and gave everyone flatulence all day long – whey used to suck – and most people have forgotten this.  

Whey was a by-product and wastewater from cheese manufacturing. However, it was not in a form that most consumers would tolerate until investment and innovation were made in the purification process. To date, all other commodity-based, cheap alternatives and plant-based proteins are like whey with cheese, and plant proteins are a by-product of starch manufacturing. Being a by-product leaves little focus or technology dedicated to the protein’s purification, sensory, purity, and improvement.

NiHPRO™ was the first alternative protein, much like whey protein, in the 1990s. It has been innovated, purified, and improved with key natural processing technologies to match the taste and texture of whey and the amino profile.  

NiHPRO™ Is a Complimentary Option for Whey Protein

Whey protein is an excellent protein source. At NiHTEK™, we are big fans of its quality and sensory profiles, but it’s not perfect. Many millions of people around the world are allergic to dairy, and many millions more are lactose intolerant. NiHPRO is 100% allergen, lactose, and GMO-free but has a near identical amino acid complex taste (when formulated into a finished product), so it is a complimentary option to whey protein brands and consumers. Dairy and fans of whey protein can use NiHPRO™ Protein as their protein source and get the same quality and taste as those allergic to dairy.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is the world’s first non-dairy “whey” 100% allergen, lactose, and GMO-free. It is a performance-built protein aimed at satisfying discerning consumers’ tastes, nutrition, and allergen concerns. NiHPRO™ hits all the taste and nutrition expectations of whey protein users but is allergy-free; it is the world’s first PROTEIN FOR EVERYONE! 

The World's First Dairy-Free “Whey” Protein

Stable Priced Protein

The price of whey is also unsustainable for many brands and consumers, with projections from many large suppliers that it will increase again in Q4 and Q1 2025. In the US, as of July 1st, 2024, the price per kilo for WPI is now USD$16.50 a kilo.  

Depending on each country’s local tariffs and taxes, NiHPRO™ FOB price is often close to 50% cheaper than WPI and more in line with WPC pricing; however, it offers similar nutrition and protein purity to WPI.   

NiHPRO, unlike dairy, is also more stable in pricing; there are fluctuations, but unlike dairy, at 150% or more changes in the last few years, NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate ranges from 5 – very maximum of 20% – and can guarantee no price changes every six months for locked in distributor exclusive agreements.

NiHPRO™ Protein does not aim to replace whey protein but to be a complementary option for discerning users and brands. Brands could create blends with whey protein and NiHPRO™, creating a performance protein blend that can also help hedge the constant cost increases of WPI.

**NOTE: NiHPRO™ Protein can be mixed with premium-grade WPI and WPC. However, it cannot be mixed with any other alternative protein, plant protein, or amino acids. Ensuring the consumer gets the best quality and expectations of NiHPRO™ in each serving is paramount.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is the world’s first dairy-free whey protein 100% lactose, allergen, and GMO-free. The new NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is the latest dairy-free whey protein branded ingredient and is a perfect alternative for protein and wellness brands looking for a new protein source.

NiHPRO™ Protein Isolate is also competitively priced with Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), which is similar in pricing to Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) but more similar in nutrition and protein purity to WPI.

NiHPRO™ is only available for bulk purchases to brands and manufacturers.  If you are a brand or manufacturer, please reach out to us for a sample and send an email to [email protected] – check out the website to learn more: 

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